Student long stay


Admission Requirements

Admission to the Foyer as a resident is selective, and candidates must complete an application form. We offer places to candidates who are:

  • women
  • between the ages of 18 and 25
  • enrolled as full-time students in one of the universities in the Paris region or enrolled in the Cours de Civilisation Française at the Sorbonne.

Your application will be studied by the admissions committee who select candidates according to their age, nationality, and field of study in order of arrival in order to ensure the international character of the foyer and to have a diversity of profiles.

Students who are enrolled in classe préparatoire may also apply, but the number of places reserved for these students is limited to four per year.
Since the Foyer belongs to the University of Paris, no applications are accepted from students who are enrolled in private schools. Students from Paris or the neighboring suburbs do not have priority.

Application form

2nd semester 2020-2021

Return the application by e-mail, accompanied by a scanned handwritten covering letter, only if you fulfill the admission conditions. Rooms will will be allocated according to the notice departure of the 1st semester, so replies will be sent out from December depending on availability.


October 2020 to May 2021:

  • 620€ per month in a single room
  • 435€ per person and per month in a twin room
  • 60€ enrollment fee

June to September 2021:

  • 760€ per month in a single, breakfast included
  • 575€ per person per month in a twin, breakfast included
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