For your studies

Walk or bicycle to your classes !

The Sorbonne, several other universities and three schools for learning French as a foreign language are easily accessible on foot.

For leisure activities

Live the Parisian life: museums, parks, cinema ...

Line B of the RER and several bus and subway lines make all of Paris reachable within 30 minutes.

For cultural exchanges

Living in the foyer allows you to meet 40 different nationalities.

The message of the foundress is kept alive. The wide variety of nationalities, languages, and studies shows that from differences, friendship and understanding arise.

Student long stay

You are inrolled in a local university.

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Intern long stay

You are an intern with a training agreement with an institution or company.

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Short stay

To inquire about a room for 3 nights minimum or during the summer.

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I hold the foyer dear to my heart as my grandmother spent her happiest years as a student here – in the 1930’s. Having finally seen the installations and felt the warmth of its staff, I can truly see why.
I have so many incredible memories from my days at the Sorbonne and all the friends I made!
I loved the Foyer from my very first day… Over the years I have been back to the foyer for summer short stays and I always relive a bit of my happy days spent there.






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